Summer season is upon us and sleeveless dresses and shirts are soon to be our dress choice for a while. Unfortunately this is the time when we tend to be aware of and see some of those underarm hairs.
Electrolysis is the right way to get rid of those hairs forever. The best part is that you would never again need to reach out for a razor and shave those hairs after the electrolysis treatments are complete.
Underarms pictureTo those who are considering electrolysis under arms hair removal but are afraid of “pain”, I admit that there is a level of sensitivity in the process but depending on the individua’s pain tolerance, the “pain” is very bearable.
The first underarm hairs electrolysis session is usually the hardest because it includes treating the most hairs per square inch at one session. Further regrowth treatments, after the initial one, will be much easier.

Some electrologists suggest that you take aspirin or benadryl before the electrolysis treatment – it can make you sleepy, so do take driving and alertness into consideration. Benadryl is an antihistamine and can help with some of the skin reaction.

I personally would not advise that you take any of those drugs. You might consider applying a topical anesthetic cream before you come for a treatment. These kinds of creams are available at any pharmacy.

After your treatment, I would recommend using ice to cool down the area down. My personal technique also includes wiping the area frequently during treatment with witch hazel. This soothes and cools the treated area. Witch hazel also has astringent capabilities and is very gentle on the skin.