I am delighted to be able to inform you that my book “Hairless -Electrolysis Permanent Hair Removal Process and Application Guide” has been published.

The book is designed to be used as a useful tool by students of electrolysis, new electrolysis practitioners, aestheticians and anyone wishing to inform themselves about the skin and permanent hair removal.

My book details the electrolysis procedure, the structure of skin, hairs and the endocrine system as it relates to excess hair growth, in a straightforward and easy to understand way.

The body’s excess hairs cause many women and men personal anxiety and lack of self-esteem. In a desperate search for a permanent solution, they try other, temporary ways of hair removal without much success, which increases their frustration even more.

This book will guide the electrolysis student/practitioner through the entire electrolysis process. It is a practical learning tool that every electrologist will be able to use while explaining to their clients this permanent “hairless” solution.

I would appreciate if you’d let me know the name of the person in charge of the curriculum and her/ his contact, so that I could send them a copy of my book.

My book “Hairless -Electrolysis Permanent Hair Removal Process and Application Guide” is available on Amazon and Kindle.

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Looking forward to hearing from you.


Boba Borojevic  OCT, CCME, CPE