IMG_1159[1] Everyone: female, male, old, young with all type and color of hairs and skin, if you are looking for the way to remove your facial hairs permanently, here is the simple rule: you must refrain from any temporary method of removing those hairs. You must not pluck, thread, wax or even laser your facial hairs. Although you may trim (or gentle shave) those hairs, electrolysis is the only permanent solution to the “problem”.

Facial, terminal (coarse) hair growth is androgen-stimulated in most cases. Any temporary method of removing them will cause more of coarser hairs to grow.

If you are female with terminal – coarse facial hairs, talk to your doctor and check your hormones. Also, check what medications you are taking that might stimulate hair growth.
Electrolysis is the only way to remove facial, unwanted hairs permanently. It is a long process and gives the best results when properly treated and when hormones are in check.