Modern men are equally conscientious of excessive hair growth on their body as are women. Both are prepared to do what it takes to remove this unwanted hair permanently. They feel better, more socially “presentable” and satisfied with their look when the “unwanted” hair is gone.

There is no difference in hair removal procedures when removing male and female hairs, although most male hairs are far thicker and coarser than those in female. Also, men tend to grow more superfluous hairs on the ears, nose, face, chest and shoulders than the opposite sex.

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Temporary Hair Removal Treatments

As men age the hair on their ears begins to thicken and grow more. Many men find this unattractive. Grooming those hairs using temporary removal treatments, is not only time consuming but also difficult and awkward to trim, weather with scissors or with a special electric razor.

There are different chemical hair removal products on the market, but hair removal creams and foams are not strong enough to dissolve ear hairs. One also has to be cautious not to get these chemicals into the inner ear, for it could cause an ear infection and irritation.

Recently, a number of different hair removal gadgets have flooded the market. Be cautious in what you invest your money, for sometimes what the advertisement promises is not what the gadgets deliver!

Ears drowingWays To Remove Ear Hairs Permanently

 While laser hair removal has shown permanent hair reduction results after a number of treatments, the only way of removing those coarse ear hairs permanently is by electrolysis treatments. (More on laser vs. electrolysis here :  )

Most of the hair grows out of the skin on the curl and earlobe of the outer ear. Electrologists must be very careful when treating that hair in order not to damage the ear cartilage. Cartilage is a flexible but strong supportive connective tissue.  Unlike bone and all other connective tissue types, cartilage is non vascular, lacking blood vessels.  For this reason alone, if damaged, cartilage cannot regenerate.

However, every professional and well trained electrologist will be able to remove the unwanted ear hairs permanently. A number of treatments could be required depending on the density and coarseness of the hair, but in the end the results will be great looking, permanently hair-fee ears!


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