No one likes to have a hairy face and body. It impacts our self esteem tremendously . We see it as socially unacceptable manifestation of our image. I have treated hundreds of females and males of all ages with all colors of skin and types of hairs throughout my practice as electrologist.

Each of my clients has had that burning desire to have a smooth and hair free skin.

If you are reading this page, you might be the one looking for the solution of how to remove your unwanted hairs and get rid of them forever. I can tell you that it is possible and that electrolysis treatments will be able to accomplish this. The ultimate results depend not only on the quality of electrolysis treatments but also on your own determinations to do what is needed to accomplish it.

First, you have to focus on your face or body part from which you want to remove hairs and tell me what results do you expect of an electrolysis treatment ? What hairs do you want to get rid of. What are your prepared and capable of doing to achieve desired results.

According to the findings published by the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, there are 65-85 hair follicular units and between 124 and 200 hairs on one square centimeter of our skin. The follicular unit is a natural grouping of hairs on all mammals. A common misconception about hair growth is that all hairs grow out of the scalp separately (aka “single hair growth”). While there are singular hairs that do in fact grow individually, these isolated instances only account for about 20-30% of all the hairs growing on the scalp at any given time. This will vary based on ethnicity. The rest of the hairs, known as follicular units, grow very close to each other, and sometimes even out of the same exit point. They appear as closely-clustered units consisting of two, three, four, and sometimes even five hairs per grouping. (Joe Tillman on follicular units )

Some hairs are coarse and “terminal” (thick and with deep roots) while most are much finer and almost invisible.
I always treat those coarse hairs first . Reason being that they are most visible and that I need to apply higher energy- current to treat these hairs. The rest, less visible hairs, will be treated if needed at some later stage in order to avoid the over-treatment of the surrounded skin tissue at the present time.

There are things that you have to do yourself before and independently of the electrolysis treatments , in order for electrolysis to produce a desirable result.
First you must take care of your health. If the excessive hair growth occurs on your face, chest, around your nipples and stomach area (known as “androgen stimulated hair growth areas”) , check with your doctor if your hormones are balanced and if your endocrine glands are functioning properly. Imbalance of hormones is one of the major causes of terminal hair growth.
Take care of your skin and hygiene daily! Avoid heavy makeup and heavy foundations and let your skin breath. Avoid plucking, waxing and threading hairs. I highly recommend not to have laser treatments of facial hairs in particular as those treatments can increase facial hair growth. Keep your electrolysis appointments regular.

If all the above said is followed , the electrolysis treatments will show a very satisfactory result.