Boba Borojevic

Simply Electrolysis: WHY THERMOLYSIS?

My clients would occasionally ask me what modality and setting I use when working on a particular area of their body. They would also let me know what setting were used by an electrologist they visited before. Any information regarding Read More →

Ear Hair Permanent Removal

Ear Hair Permanent Removal Modern men are equally conscientious of excessive hair growth on their body as are women. Both are prepared to do what it takes to remove this unwanted hair permanently. They feel better, more socially “presentable” and satisfied with their look Read More →

Why does hair turn gray?

    It is well known that gray hair results from a reduction of pigment, while white hair has no pigment, but why this happens remains somewhat of a mystery. Parents often cite having teenagers as the cause of gray Read More →

Refresher Training in Electrolysis

We are offering one to one training for qualified electrologists who wish to update and refresh their skills.  Who can apply? Therapists who hold an aesthetics and/ or electrolysis qualification or any other person interested in the field of electrolysis – permanent hair removal. Read More →

Estimated Time for Permanent Hair Removal

Estimated Time for Permanent Hair Removal This article tries to answer one of the most frequent questions in the field of hair removal and that is the amount of time needed to remove all unwanted hair on a particular area permanently. It also focuses on factors Read More →