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The quality of decision

We tend to look into our shortcomings far too often unaware how damaging it is to our self-believe. Unwanted hairs can be removed permanently and relatively quickly, but it takes time to restore self confidence. Here are a couple of Read More →

Hair density

Accurate quantitative evaluation of hair density can be difficult – certainly time consuming. In classic studies, hair density was defined by plucking hairs in a marked unit area of skin – primarily to define hairs in anagen and telogen, but Read More →

Before your initial electrolysis treatment : Things you need to know!

No one likes to have a hairy face and body. It impacts our self esteem tremendously . We see it as socially unacceptable manifestation of our image. I have treated hundreds of females and males of all ages with all Read More →

Motivational – Focus on How You Show Up (More than Speed)

Too many people are just trying to knock off tasks. Their head is down. They’re working hard. But they’re completely oblivious to how they are showing up in the world. They’re not really alive, not really demonstrating real character or Read More →


Did you know that clean skin releases unwanted hair more easily? Remove your makeup prior to your electrolysis appointment,so that the hair follicles are clean and accessible. DID YOU KNOW? Gently exfoliating your skin before your treatment opens up the Read More →

Simply Electrolysis : HOW TO CHOOSE THE CORRECT NEEDLE (Probe or Filament)?

Simply Electrolysis : HOW TO CHOOSE THE CORRECT NEEDLE (Probe or Filament)? Charles Michel, an American ophthalmologist, is regarded as the first professional who used a battery powered needle epilator to treat an ingrown hair (eyelashes) in 1875. The way that electrolysis is preformed today has changed significantly since Dr. Michel’s first Read More →