Boba Borojevic

PRESS RELEASE – Book “HAIRLESS” by Boba Borojevic-Kos

PRESS RELEASE I am delighted to be able to inform you that my book “Hairless -Electrolysis Permanent Hair Removal Process and Application Guide” has been published. The book is designed to be used as a useful tool by students of Read More →

Blackheads and Whiteheads

  Blackheads and whiteheads are a combination of skin lipids (oils), sebum and cellular fragments (keratin) that form firm to hard plugs within hair follicles. When bacteria is added to this combination, the condition can lead to acne. Blackheads are Read More →

FACIAL HAIRS: How to remove them permanently

FACIAL HAIRS: How to remove them permanently Everyone: female, male, old, young with all type and color of hairs and skin, if you are looking for the way to remove your facial hairs permanently, here is the simple rule: you must refrain from any temporary method of Read More →

Underarms hairs – Electrolysis hair removal

Underarms hairs – Electrolysis hair removal Summer season is upon us and sleeveless dresses and shirts are soon to be our dress choice for a while. Unfortunately this is the time when we tend to be aware of and see some of those underarm hairs. Electrolysis Read More →

The quality of decision

We tend to look into our shortcomings far too often unaware how damaging it is to our self-believe. Unwanted hairs can be removed permanently and relatively quickly, but it takes time to restore self confidence. Here are a couple of Read More →

Hair density

Accurate quantitative evaluation of hair density can be difficult – certainly time consuming. In classic studies, hair density was defined by plucking hairs in a marked unit area of skin – primarily to define hairs in anagen and telogen, but Read More →